In the fleet with Fighter Squadron 21 (VF-21), March 1973-October 1975

VF-21 overhead Ranger

A VF-21 F-4J overhead USS Ranger (CVA-61) in the South China Sea, summer 1974

VF-21 launch

A VF-21 F-4J launches from USS Ranger (CVA-61) in the Tonkin Gulf, spring 1973

VF-21 Cubi Point takeoff

A VF-21 F-4J takes off from NAS Cubi Point, R.P., summer 1974

VF-21 Missilex

A VF-21 Freelacers F-4J taxies from the NAS Miramar line with a live AIM-9 Sidewinder missile, circa 1975.

VF-21 engine start

A VF-21 F-4J on USS Ranger’s (CVA-61) Elevator #4 getting read to start engines.


LT Earl J. Robinson mans up a VF-21 F-4J, spring 1973.

VF-21 overhead ranger

A flight of VF-21 F-4Js dump fuel and descend into USS Ranger’s landing pattern, fall 1975.

VF-21 refueling probe and basket

A VF-21 F-4J broke off a tanker’s basket and trapped back on board USS Ranger with it attached to its refueling probe.

section go

Section takeoff from NAS Miramar 1974

VF-21 line 75

VF-21 F-4Js on the NAS Miramar line, early 1975


line startup 75

A VF-21 F-4J starts up in the line at NAS Miramar, early 1975

VF-154 Tanking

An F-4J Phantom II of VF-154 Black Knights extends its refueling probe as it approaches a refueling basket from a VA-145 Swordsmen KA-6D Intruder.

VF-154 F-4J

A VF-154 F-4J over the South China Sea operating from USS Ranger (CVA-61), summer 1974.

VF-154 trap

A VF-154 F-4J traps on board USS Ranger (CVA-61) in the South China Sea, summer 1974

VF-154 tanking 73

A section of VF-154 F-4Js await their turn on the VA-113 A-7E tanker, Gulf of Tonkin, spring 1973