Aviation Photography

Below are links to pages on this site with my photographs of Navy aircraft from 1972 through 1987. You can also access the pages by clicking on “Aviation Photography” in the menu above and following those links.

NATTC Glynco. The Naval Air Technical Training Center at NAS Glynco was responsible for the advanced training of Naval Flight Officers from the mid-1960s until the mid-1970s when Glynco was closed as a naval air station and the NFO advanced training was moved to NAS Pensacola to be co-located with basic NFO training. The advanced NFO training at NATTC Glynco became VT-86 in a ceremony held June 7, 1972, one week before I received my NFO wings.

VF-121 Pacemakers. The West Coast Navy F-4 training squadron. Was here from June 23, 1972 until February 14, 1973.

VF-21 Freelancers. My first and only fleet F-4 Phantom II squadron. Served from March 1, 1973 until October 1975.

VF-301 Devil’s Disciples. Flew with the NAS Miramar-based Reserve fighter squadron from January 1978 until September 1987. Flew in the F-4N from 1978 through 1981, the F-4S from 1982 through 1984 and the F-14A Tomcat from 1984 until I left the squadron in 1987.